Week 3

Diablo the Left-Handed Surrealist, Marcus the Moneylender and the Top Five College Nicknames

06.02.11 | | 3 Comments

Didn’t anybody in your school have names like Joe or Bill?

One of the things that makes me happiest is when DFW let his hair down wrote some super-gross, scatological stuff. Shit chapter (or Section 29, as the more formal amongst you may refer to it), ftw!

I don’t really have anything constructive or insightful to say about it, but since I re-read High Fidelity not too long ago—in the couple of weeks when it looked like I’d blow through TPK in no time at all without a distraction—I’m feeling all list-y. So, in that vein, I present the Top Five College Nicknames of People I Actually Know (In No Particular Order):

  • Dirt
  • Grabby
  • Colonel Pajamas
  • “Shitty” Bill (as opposed to regular, non-shitty Bill)
  • Rick Schmadel, Sears Underwear Model

More ridiculous nicknames in the comments, please.



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